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(Incoming!) English Taught Courses in Fall 2019 (2019年秋季课程列表)

English Taught Courses in Spring 2019 (2019年春季课程列表)

Archived English Taught Courses
Deparment院系 Deparment院系
School of Mathematical Sciences
School of Physics
College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering
School of Life Sciences
School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences
School of Journalism& Communication
Department of Chinese language and literature
Department of History
College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
School of Archaeology and Museology
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
School of International Studies
School of Economics
Guanghua School of Management
Law School
Department of Information Management
Department of Sociology
School of Government
School of Foreign Languages
Department of Physical Education
School of Arts
School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science
College of Engineering
College of Urban and Environmental Science
??“Summer School at PKU” was initiated in 2009, of which all the courses are taught in English. The program mainly focuses on academic areas of Chinese history, politics, culture, art and economy. I Students from home and abroad all benefit from engaging in the same favorable class atmosphere, regardless of different countries, regions or ethnicities, thereby greatly enhancing their interpersonal and cross-cultural understanding and communication.